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As of July 15, 2013 – Closing Costs to Increase

Connecticut Increasing MERS Documents Recording Fees.  Closing costs for Connecticut home buyers are again increasing.   Passed by both the House and Senate, and signed into law by Governor Malloy on June 18, 2013,  House Bills 6704 & 6706 increase substantially the fees to record “Nominee of a Mortgagee” documents (MERS).

Presently,  the cost to record mortgage documents (MERS fees), are:

  • $53 to record the first page
  • $5 for each additional page

After July 15, 2013, MERS Fees will increase as follows:

  • $116 to record the first page
  • $5 for each additional page

The recording will continue to be subject to the additional historical records fee ($3) and the recording surcharge ($40), making the total charge for the 1st Page $159.00.

Section 97 of the bill amends Section 49-10 of the Connecticut General Statutes by specifying how the increased recording fees shall be allocated between the town and the state.   These fees, as previously, will be paid to the Town Clerk at time of recording the documents.

In sum recording costs are again increasing, this time dramatically.    MAKE SURE YOU COLLECT THE PROPER RECORDING FEES IF YOU EXPECT THE MORTGAGE TO BE RECORDED AFTER JULY 15, 2013.